Softmagnetic Core Materials
Power transformer
Power Transformer
Nanocrystalline material is extremely low-loss and thus predestinated for the application „Power Transformer“. Our PT cores enable a very powerful design with very low losses at high frequencies.
Filter cores
Filter Cores
Filter cores made of nanocrystalline material are particularly characterized by the adjustability of very high permeabilities with the smallest component size, a saturation flux density Bs = 1.2T and vanishing saturation magnetostriction (<5ppm) as well as an extremely good temperature resistance, up to 130°C remains almost constant.
Softprotector Cores
Softprotector Cores
Modern high-power, frequency converter operated systems, especially those that are operated at very high switching frequencies, cause harmful interference currents which, among other things, groove and destroy the bearings of motors
as so-called bearing currents.
Due to their very high permeability, as well as very low core losses at the high frequencies of a conducted disturbance (150kHz – 30MHz) and a specifically increasing resistance, our small pearls made of nanocrystalline material are ideal for suppressing interference pulses (switching circuit).
CutCores (CC)
The amorphous and nanocrystalline cut cores in rectangular shapes are often used for HF transformer applications, e.g. for X-ray CT, induction heating device, welding machine as well as HF inductor in windpower generator and photovoltaic converter or for boost/down DC-DC converter of EV/HEV, FCV, UPS.
Common Mode Chokes
Nanocrystalline suppressor chokes have already found their place in the automotive sector due to their extremely compact design and excellent attenuation properties. Now they are becoming increasingly interesting in industrial applications when it comes to broad frequency spectra, low losses and low temperature dependence.