Softmagnetic Core Material | Nanocrystalline Power Ferrite

Nanocrystalline Power Ferrite for improving existing filter models

Especially in times of new technologies by rapidly switching IGBTs (eg Silicon Carbide ,SiC‘ or Gallium Nitride ,GaN‘) the exigence on the EMC filters is getti ng higher and makes the use of nanocrystalline toroidal cores for the filter technology more and more essenti al. A redesign of existi ng filter models is usually very costly, as many parameters have to be taken into account. In order to increase the performance of the current filter in the short term, the idea is to replace the soft magnetic powder material ferrites with the soft magnetic strip material nano with very similar properties such as mechanical dimensions and similar core inductance.

This has the advantage ofnot having to make any mechanical adjustments and of beingable to use the same setting values (number of turns ofthe wire winding and other filter elements). The nanocrystalline strip material automatically results in a higher saturation current (1.2T vs. 0.4-0.6T), more stable temperature behavior (130°C permanent temperature), higher att enuati on over a wide frequency range, reduced power losses and a negligible aging effect, especially in comparison to the neighboring sensiti ve filter components.

Extract of our catalog parts:

Types / Reference Nom. Dimensions [mm] Finished Dimensions [mm] Lfe
AL nom. [μH] (μi 10.000 @10kHz / 100kHz) Finishing
OD  ID  H OD   ID H 10kHz   100kHz
LF5334- MRC801 53,5 34,5 17 57,5 31 19,5 13,8 1,26 9,2-18,3 8,8 - NA epoxy
LF6139- MRC802 61,5 39,5 25 65,5 36 27,5 15,6 1,97 12,5 - 25,0 9,2 - NA epoxy
LF7841- MRC803 78,2 41,8 13 82,3 38,4 15,9 18,85 1,84 10,0 - 20,0 7,4 - NA epoxy
LF10067- MRC804 100,4 67,1 13 104,7 63,6 16 26,31 1,68 6,6 - 13,2 4,78 - NA epoxy
LF139106- MRC805 139,2 106,8 25 143,7 103,1 28,5 38,64 2,9 7,6 - 15,1 5,46 - NA epoxy
LF203152- MRC806 203,8 152,4 25 206,9 148,7 28,5 55,95 4,61 8,4 - 16,6 5,99 - NA epoxy

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