Freising, 29th March 2022

Energy Saving - good to know!

It is well known that saving energy is very important. This is currently being made more and more clear to us.

Mainly for cost reasons, materials are often still used that have 'acceptable losses'. However, we are currently seeing how important it is to save energy and what the consequences can be if we neglect this.

1) Nanocrystalline products

Did you know that nanocrystalline material has 1000 times less loss than SiFe? It is currently the material that has the least core losses.

This material ideal for power transformers, but also saturable chokes in solar or other energy-efficient applications.

Copper can also be saved through a very high adjustable permeability and thus further losses (copper losses) can be saved.

See comparison table for more information (short overview about different material):


2) Powder alloy products (CSC)

Of course, energy not only has to be saved, but also stored!

Soft Magnetic Powder Cores made of metal powder have a lower core loss at a high frequency and exhibits almost no magnetic flux leakage due to the presence of small air gaps evenly distributed through the matrix, and thus the product is not easily saturated even at a high direct current.

CSC's new enhanced cores show great advances in optimizing various applications.

For example:

  • the High Flux GT has about 25% lower core loss at 200 kHz and a higher DC bias compared to the original High Flux material, it allows users to optimize their PFC and Output inductor designs,
  • the Mega Flux GT is an improved version of the original Mega Flux 60u that has a 5% higher DCB and 20% lower core loss compared to the existing products, which can improve the efficiency of the applications and reduce the usage of copper wires,
  • the core loss of Sendust Cores is much lower than that of the iron powder cores. In particular, Sendust E Cores provides a higher energy storage capacity than the gapped ferrite E cores. The gap loss and eddy current loss can be minimized,
  • the HS Cores have a better DC Bias characteristic and lower core loss than Sendust Cores. It provides an economical solution for a variety of high-efficiency applications such as the high-power Desktop PCs, Server PCs, Automotive and Solar power generation,
  • the HP cores 19u and 26u provide suitable solutions for applications requiring high efficiency such as UPS and ESS. HP 60u is the coolest material capable of minimizing the temperature rise of devices at a high frequency. HP cores 19u and 26u have got the lowest losses in the portfolio and no Nickel content!

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