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Through continuous innovations and steadfast advancements in technology, the Chang Sung Corporation have become one of the leading suppliers of cutting edge prodcuts to companies around the world at the forefront of next generation energy solutions.


Powder cores are distributed air gap cores made from ferrous alloy powders for low losses at high frequencies. Small air gaps distributed evenly throughout the cores increase the amount of DC that can be passed through the winding before core saturation occurs.

Toroidal Core

Chang Sung Corporation manufactures four types of soft magnetic powder cores including the Molybdenum Permalloy (MPP), Hhigh Flux, Sendust and Mega Flux, which are mainly used for inductors and transformers. 
Shaped Cores

MRC ComponentsGmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1997 to act as a Specialist European Representative for Electronic Component Manufacturers from USA, Europe and Far East

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