Magnetic Components

SAE Power


SAE Power Cross Reference List

  • EMI Filters, 1 to 60 Amps, Sinlge and 3-Phase
  • Connector Filters
  • Power Entry Modules
  • Medical Filters
  • Switching Transient Filters
  • 3-Phase Filters

Wound Components:

  • Magnetic Components For Switching Power Supplies
  • High-Frequency Ferrite Transformers
  • Inductors In Powdered Iron, MPP, High Flux and Sendust Materials
  • Surface Mount Inductors And Transformers
  • Common Mode And Differential Mode Inductors









Power Supplies

  • High Current DC/DC Converter
  • Power Factor corrected High Current Power Supply
  • Standard, Custom and Semi-Custom Power Supplies

Available features include:

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Automatic AC line voltage selection or full-range operation
  • Fast and efficient Magnetic Amplifiers
  • Current Mode control
  • High frequency resonant conversion
  • Hot plug and Redundant current sharing systems
  • Specialized monitoring/control interfaces



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